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This video is outdated, we have created a new one to show how this is done on our new control panel PL Gracek 3 years ago.

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How To Setup Domain Names For Your Minecraft/Voice Server

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This video Minecraft How to setup a DNS address for your server!

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This video is mainly for Domain. So if you are using another domain service make sure you look at what I click and see if it differs on your current domain. In this video il be showing you guys how to use your domain name as your server ip! Server Host!

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Custom Domain for your Minecraft Server! Tutorial Newrappy 3 years ago. How to port forward a domain or subdomain to your Minecraft server in cPanel RedRangerHosting 6 years ago. In this video I demonstrate how to forward a domain or subdomain to your Minecraft server IP address. A domain is a lettered address, like myserver.

How to point your domain name to another server - LCN. Log in to Hope this video helped, Subscribe, Like or comment if it did.

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This is the second part of this video series. In this video you are going to learn: How to point domain name to an IP address of a server. Quick video tutorial showing you how to set up a Minecraft sub domain for your server! Help center article Website Link: